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While the basic concept of the software is clear (i.e. We install the software listed in the .ini file), there are a few basic tweaks that this software will also perform in its default configuration...
  • The Windows XP version will attempt to install both the Microsoft Recovery Console as well as the "TweakUI" program on the system.
  • Both Windows 7 and Windows XP versions are able to change the "administrator" account password from a listing in the .ini file.
  • Both systems tweak the "MaxConnectionsPerServer" registry entry to allow for more simultaneous downloads on a machine.
  • The Windows XP version enables the display of "Non-present" (or disconnected) devices in Device Manager. This allows for easier removal leftover device driver files.
  • Both systems disable the language bar on the Windows desktop. Enabling the language bar is not difficult, but this tweak keeps it from appearing every time Internet Explorer is updated.
  • The Windows XP version removes the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" object from the Printers installed on the system.
  • Both systems disable NTFS File Compression on the system. This can be re-enabled by changing HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem\NtfsDisableCompression to 00000000.

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